Why Buy Induction Furnaces?

Induction Furnaces

Induction heating is an important process for metal casting companies, but it is also useful for heating and welding. Various equipment is used for its application, from induction heaters, ultra-high and high-frequency units, to furnaces. The latter are indispensable for the production of metals and can considerably improve the foundry processes, so it is worth considering replacing your old melting furnace and with an induction furnace like the ones we put at your fingertips.

Induction heating furnaces are the most cost effective and efficient option for melting metals, especially steel. There are many reasons why you should replace your old Induction heating equipment with one of excellent quality like the ones we put at your fingertips, among which are:

High efficiency

The high voltage primary coil in induction furnaces produces frequencies from 50 to 10,000 Hertz per second, allowing the forge to heat quickly and have high thermal efficiency, resulting in lower losses and higher yields.

Lower operating costs

Most manufacturers create technological innovations to improve casting processes. Current furnaces have low energy consumption, which results in operating savings, in addition, automation reduces the waste products produced by the electric furnace and the loss of metal.

Optimum metallurgical function

The principle behind induction melting can be seen in the furnace coil that induces such a high electromagnetic current to heat and melt the metal. The inductor and molten metal repel each other because of their electrical charges. Induction melting furnace supplier is a phenomenon known as electromagnetic agitation, which allows uniformity in the chemical composition of the metal.

Lower oxidation losses

The induction furnace decreases losses due to burning and oxidation of the elements in the metal. The low frequencies of the coil slow down the burning rate of metals, which in turn reduces oxidation when melting materials such as steel. No reliance on electrodes during castings, reduces furnace waste and eliminates carbon addition concerns.

Clean operations

Induction furnaces have little negative impact as they emit little gas, smoke or dust associated with other smelting processes. They allow optimal control of emissions and are cleaner, in addition, they produce very little noise when operating.

If you want a quality induction furnace with induction power supply to take advantage of these advantages, contact the experts at Tsolda. You will find various models, among which the LH-100 furnace stands out, which can melt stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, gold, silver, copper and bronze. It can be operated 24 hours a day with a 100% duty cycle.

Its melting capacity is 160 kg/h and it requires a water chiller to cool the crucible and the power source. If you wish to know more details about this product or others.