What is Epicor ERP And What Are Its Pros And Cons?

Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP is an adaptable manufacturing software application that helps to manage processes across the company. Staffing, financial management suppliers, consumers inventory management, marketing Manufacturing operations administration are just a few areas in which Epicor software is a leader. Epicor is available as cloud-based ERP Magento 2 solution.

Furthermore, Epicor Solutions Company is always seeking new ways to incorporate the latest technology into the company’s ERP system. Epicor in addition to other examples, employs Artificial Intelligence to interconnect equipment in the production area with electronic control units and monitors within its Modern manufacturing system, which seamlessly integrates in conjunction with Epicor ERP.

Highlighting feature

  • Process for product dimensions and design of the product financial planning, personal finance, the management of human resources, among others.
  • Epicor produces sales orders , as well as paying for payments, aswell for storage and client updates and descriptions of the products.
  • It allows you to make consolidated invoices, export inventories, consumer exports, products that are outgoing such as bank statements for outgoing transactions as well as shipping exports and export sales requests.


  • Your store is also able to connect to a variety of flatforms, such as IBM AS400, Eclipse, JD Edward, etc.
  • The software provides real-time integration with the shop floor to allow monitoring of quality, process control and production scheduling, among others.
  • Provides the manager with a range of tools to create an accurate forecast.


  • Certain decisions are more difficult to take than they’d normally have to be. It can be difficult to gain an understanding of the best way to implement certain changes.
  • It is important to emphasize that Epicor will also need to add many featuresthat slow down the process and slows down production. This is an issue since these components are functional and must be combined.


The price for Epicor is determined by the features, users and business process software that are selected. Epicor ERP is an open-source software solution that is targeted at the middle-market.