Mobile Phone Taser Stun Gun Guide

Mobile Phone Taser Stun Gun Guide

Are you concerned about where you will store a Mobile Phone stun gun when you need it for protection. It’s possible you are concerned about accidentally leaving your phone at home or having to cram it into a tiny compartment of your bag that would be impossible to reach in an emergency…Well, there may be an answer to this – what if your phone could be both a handy calling and texting device, as well as a protective weapon? Can a smartphone be used to create a stun gun, and is it even possible

Mobile Phone Taser and Monitoring Tool:

Parents can manage their children’s phone usage with a tool from stun gun manufacturer Taser, not with electric shocks. Parenting as we know it is being brought to the mobile world. Tom Smith, chairman, and co-founder of Taser, revealed the new product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Anaheim, where the Arizona-based company unveiled the new product. He said Smith said the phone application, called “Mobile Protector,” allows parents to monitor a child’s incoming and outgoing calls and messages, block particular numbers and even listen in on a call. Using a dashboard on a parent’s phone or computer, they can see the mobiles that are being monitored and who is allowed to call.

What is a stun gun?

Using a series of electric shocks, a stun gun is a small device used to temporarily immobilize and paralyze an individual. Stun guns may sound dangerous, but they are not designed to cause serious injuries. The weapon can, however, sometimes cause fatal side effects if it is not used correctly. Ideally, a shock gun will simply physically stun the victim for a few moments, giving the shocker some time to escape harm. Within minutes, the immobilized victim will be able to move his muscles again, although he may be sore afterward. They are often used by law enforcement officers to catch criminals, but they are easily available to anyone since they are not classified as firearms (even though they’re called “guns”). They can often transmit over 50,000 volts in a single shock and are quite handy since they can even work through clothing.

Stun guns are used to shock people:

For personal protection, you probably already own either a taser or a stun gun if you are a law enforcement officer. A stun gun can be used by ordinary citizens for personal protection in case of a physical attack by a human or medium-sized animal and is an excellent alternative for people who do not feel comfortable with carrying a firearm on a regular basis. A stun gun will let you immobilize your attacker so you can escape danger and call 911 for immediate assistance if you are attacked. It gives officers of the law the time to stop and handcuff a perpetrator before they can escape. In an emergency, they are extremely useful and less dangerous than a gun.

This Stun Gun Case Explains How It Works:

Stun guns are simply stunned guns disguised as cell phone cases, so they work just like any other stun gun. Often, they will have a barb at the end of the case to press into your attacker, although some options do not have this and can still deliver a shock. You simply have to push the end of your cell phone into the attacker (whether it’s a human, dog, or some other mid-sized creature) and press the trigger button. As a result, the built-up electrical shock will shoot into their bodies, stunning their nervous system and making their muscles rigid. The longer you hold the button, the more shocks they will receive. They can either be battery-powered or charged using an electrical outlet and can often last several shocks before needing to be recharged. Even if you touch the person receiving the shock, you will not be shocked. As a result, the electrical current from the stun gun is going inside the attacker and stunning him through the nervous system, as opposed to coming from outside (where it could reach you).

Conclusion of Mobile Phone Gun Stun:

In general, the answer to this question (how to make a stun gun from a mobile phone) is roundabout. Despite the fact that the phone itself cannot be used as a stun gun, the case the phone is in can certainly act as one. It is an effective way to protect yourself when out alone. Check out YouTube for some videos on how these weapons work to learn more about them. You can also find affordable stun gun cell phone cases on Amazon if you’re interested in getting one for yourself – some will cost you as little as $15, a small price to pay for 24/7 protection.