Gadgets for traveling during the holidays

Gadgets for traveling during the holidays

We don’t consider the holidays one of the busiest times of year for nothing. In general, they require more phone calls, e-mails, luggage lugging, and shopping trips than usual. Gadgets for traveling  My holiday schedule has been crammed with business meetings and calling friends to schedule outings over the phone while navigating bustling crowds of shoppers. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the amount of information you encounter all at once can disrupt your daily routine, resulting in a headache and sensory overload. Luckily, there is no shortage of holiday travel gadgets on the market that can minimize holiday stress and keep you organized without breaking the bank. These gadgets aren’t all work and no play – in addition to saving you time and making your life easier, many of them are also entertaining. You might want to consider adding these great holiday travel gadgets to your wish list this year.


1 Travelers who carry luggage will appreciate the functionality and ease of use of this device. Balanzza simply hooks onto your luggage’s strap, lifts the luggage off the ground until you hear a beep, then sets the luggage down to display the weight on the screen. Weight can be displayed in pounds or kilograms on this handy scale (it supports weights of up to 100 pounds.) It is easy to use and so compact you can carry it anywhere.


2 LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen: On the go, travelers often rely on traditional note-taking with a pen and paper rather than laptops. Scribbling notes on paper later proves inconvenient when one must transfer the information directly to the computer, resulting in more work at the end of the process. It’s no longer necessary to do so thanks to this handy computer-in-a-pen, which allows you to make notes that can later be transferred to a computer. Due to its features, such as an audio jack, USB connector, speaker, and microphone, you are able to send handwritten meeting notes and schedules to colleagues without using a printer or scanner. The laptop can also be left at the office or in your hotel room as an additional bonus. Wow!


3 . If you’re looking for a power outlet at an airport or in a hotel room, how often have you encountered difficulty finding one? Well, no more complaining. You can charge your cell phone or iPod while you sunbathe on the beach or hold a business meeting with the lightweight Belkin Surge Protector, featuring a 360 degree rotating plug, three AC outlets and two USB outlets. During the holiday season, this is a great help.

Four. Let’s say you want to tune out the noise around you, whether it’s the hum of a car’s engine or the chatter of passengers, while you’re traveling by car or plane. Klipsch’s Image S2 and S4 in-ear headphones are the solution. The In-Ear Headphones from Kipsch are the perfect answer, which combine high-quality sound with comfort. Furthermore, the ear tips naturally conform to the contours of your ear canal – meaning that you won’t be disturbed while listening to your favorite holiday tunes. This is a great option for anyone who enjoys listening to music during travels.


Five. With these lightweight, compact and powerful binoculars, you can see picturesque beaches, renowned monuments, and verdant parks from afar. With the touch of a lever, you can zoom from 7x to 21x with just a couple of taps on your hand, purse, or coat pocket. Furthermore, the lens coatings are infrared and UV protected.


This holiday season, you can choose from these products and many more. Traveling during the holidays is already tiring. However, these gadgets can still save you money, time and space – and who doesn’t need a little more of each over the holidays?