Demonstrationof Google Maps’ marketing features

Demo of Google Maps' marketing features

It is possible for your small business to grow extremely fast once it is listed on Google Maps since this helps consumers locate businesses. According to popular belief, Google Maps’ marketing features it is a free service and can do a lot for your small business since most customers use a mobile phone. Nearly 20 percent of businesses are looked upon on Google maps after listing your small business. It takes just about an hour to sign up and list your small business with Google maps.

A website refers to a collection of Web pages that can be accessed by means of a software package called a Web browser (such as HTTP over the Internet). They are essentially HTML or XHTML documents (HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language), which can be accessed from the common root URL – also known as the website’s home page.

Map technology at its best:

By using Google Maps, your business can share its hours of operation and offer coupons to customers. Your business can be displayed and videos can be shared, products can be offered, and much more. Google Maps provides your business with the best mapping technology. It’s largely free of charge Google Maps’ marketing features. The Google maps listing allows you to present your business’ products or services to customers via a graphical map interface on a mobile phone or PC.

People who want to look up a specific type of business in a particular area of the map would type in search terms in the map search box. Business types, locations, driving distance from address, as well as other types of searches, can be easily found. It is the nearby location that Google maps can help small businesses that are located nearby. Upon retrieval of the Google map results, all businesses listed in a particular type fitting the search will appear. In this way, you will benefit greatly as a small business owner. You can zoom in, scroll, and even see a satellite image by clicking on the graphical map interface on the right-hand side of the listings.

Mobile phone compatibility:

By posting a marker on the map, it is easy for customers to view the contact information. You can print the exact driving directions from the customer’s location to the address. Besides using Google maps on a mobile device, there is also SMS texting in the United States. Search queries are automatically sent to the top results. Local listings, maps, and driving directions can also be viewed by a customer with a mobile phone with a browser.

BlackBerry and java-enabled mobile phones are the only devices that support it. You can effectively market to those customers who are in transit and looking for a particular business nearby using mobile Google. You are likely to get a lot of traffic to your site if you list your business with Google, but you must do a correct listing with Google maps: