UV (ultraviolet) radiation, found in sunshine, is a human carcinogen in the environment. Going to the beach comes with the risk of being sunburned. Many beaches are located in places where the UV index is high. It is critical to plan for enough sun protection. Because babies and small children are more susceptible to the sun, UV protection is especially important when visiting the beach with them.


Sunscreen is used to protect your skin tone from the sun’s harmful effects. It can be used to aid in the prevention of skin cancer. While using good sunscreen is a good idea, none of them are “waterproof.” They must be reapplied to keep their effectiveness; otherwise, their protection may wear off or wash away while in use.

A seaside tent can provide additional sun protection. Not all beach tents are composed of textiles that provide UV protection from the sun’s rays. Because UV can flow through some fabrics, it’s critical to buy a seaside tent made of UV-resistant fabric.

Child Protection:

A beach tent has additional benefits that promote child safety at the beach and provide sun protection. The tent’s interior provides a safe environment for small babies, devoid of sand that could otherwise be eaten or end up in their eyes. Inside the beach tent, a baby can rest safely. It’s the ideal spot for a snack, a snooze, or a snuggle, all while staying out of the sun and away from the abrasive sand.

Green and large. It’s difficult to miss:

A brightly colored beach tent serves as a visual anchor for older children, preventing them from becoming disoriented on the beach. 


seaside tents are also excellent for boosting beach comfort. The interior of the seaside Shade, for example, is comprised of a non-abrasive, smooth fabric. It’s a great place to sit, for small children. When the front entrance is unzipped, it rests flat on the grass in front of the tent, increasing the surface area of the tent even more.

Most notably, beach tents give significantly more shade than a typical seaside umbrella. This offers a family much-needed reprieve from the sun’s heat.


Set upon a sandy seaside with foliage in the background, a Coleman beach tent with its front door zipped tight.

All zipped up; there’s plenty of room for a quick change:

seaside tents can provide a lot of seclusion on the seaside if they’re well-designed. This is a great feature for families because diaper changes, nursing sessions, and clothes changes are never far away.

This is something that many seaside tents lack! Plus, with a 57-inch center height, there’s plenty of room for a mother to nurse in comfort or even a tall youngster to stand and change clothes in full privacy.


In addition to providing some privacy on the seaside, a seaside tent has several advantages that other solutions do not. A beach tent is the ideal “base camp” for a family on the beach. seaside tents are a great place to store and arrange your items.